There are many ways to harness and activate the data that Uru generates.

Brand Safety API

Ensure that brands are paired with brand-safe, brand-aligned content.

Uru’s Brand Safety API analyzes an inputted video —both its audio and the images it contains— and returns a JSON response that contains an overall brand safety score for that video as well as granular data about how that score was calculated. Use this API to screen or rank content before it enters the advertising pipeline. Or use it to retrospectively monitor the brand safety level of video campaigns.

Content Recognition API

Get structured data describing a video’s content category as well as the objects and themes inside it.

Uru examines the audio, images, and text inside an inputted video in order to predict its overall IAB Content Taxonomy categories and to generate metadata and keywords describing the objects and themes inside that video and each of its scenes. Importantly, when generating that data, our predictive models are trained to sift for the high impact themes and objects that will help make video content more searchable, power SEO or recommendation systems, or enable advertisers to target video inventory based on what is actually inside it. No more parsing a large long of tags that are irrelevant to you and your customers or audience.